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Introduction Demo theme First way (complex) Second way (simple) Conclusion Downloads Introduction Sometimes a client needs to be able to modify web content that appears on multiple pages. In some occasions you just can’t put the web content in the right place using the “basic” WCM features like Layout Templates and/or Journal Templates. Consider things like a short introduction text in a header, a doormat, a footer, static navigation menu’s that rarely need to be updated, places for banners for temporary promotions and so on. What all these things have in common is that they don’t fit in the scope of Layout Templates or Journal Templates. You can’t reach the places I mentioned before with those facilities, because they mostly reside somewhere in the theme itself. In this blog post/tutorial I will demonstrate and explain 2 ways to embed web content in a Liferay theme — using a demo theme which you can download below! Demo theme Take a look at the screenshot below: The layout (theme) is made up out of four important areas: header: the area in the top of the layout; footer: the area in the bottom of the layout; sidebar: the area in the right center of the layout; content: the area i...

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KMO Video

Op 05 maart 2011 door Koen Stevens in categorie KMO Video

E-KON voert onder de benaming "KMO Video" ook meer en meer online video opdrachten uit. Zo werd er recent o.a. een animatie-opdracht voor Limnee ("Recruitment is Social") uitgewerkt, waarbij op geanimeerde wijze hun innovatieve concept uit de doeken wordt gedaan. Bekijk de video op de KMO Video website, waar een selectie aan voorbeeld filmpjes terug te vinden zijn (o.a. ook van een recent afgewerkt project voor Smart&Co/...

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INTAC Internet Academy

Op 25 november 2010 door Koen Stevens in categorie E-KON

INTAC Internet Academy (met Koen Stevens als web video docent en 25% korting). INTAC Internet Academy is een internetschool voor ondernemers en kmo’s, in Gent en in Antwerpen. INTAC biedt u in 20 praktische lessen en 10 avonden een overzicht van hoe u klanten kunt maken en houden via website, e-mailmarketing en social media. U kunt één of meerdere lessen volgen over specifieke domeinen die u interesseren, of het volledige programma volgen. Het programma voor november: 9/11, Gent: Van hosting tot cloud computing 9/11, Gent: Database management en CRM 10/11, Antwerpen: Hoe scoor je hoog in Google? 10/11, Antwerpen: Krijg meer gedaan via slimmer werken op het internet 24/11, Gent: Website CMS: open source vs. closed source

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How to use logging in Liferay

Op 25 november 2010 door Kristof Verbraeken in categorie Liferay

How to use logging in Liferay Why use logging? One of the challenges in any programming environment is to be able to debug the code effectively. While developing Java applications you can print to standard output (System.out.println("This is a debug message!") to observe the execution of the program or look at the stack trace when an error (java.lang.Exception) occurs in the application or you can also use breakpoints in development tools (e.g. Eclipse). Suppose an application is not running properly in the production environment, yet in the development, test and/or staging environment everything is working fine. If you decide to print to standard output or to a log file, you need to worry about commenting out that code in production to reduce the overhead associated with those calls. Another solution for this is to define a Boolean variable (let’s say debug). If the value of the variable is true, the application prints a whole set of debug messages. You need to ...

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How to set and use custom Velocity variables in Liferay First things first: what is Velocity? Velocity is a popular template engine for Java web applications. It’s one of the many useful projects of Apache. Liferay uses an implementation of the Velocity engine to render Velocity templates. These are files that typically have a vm extension. All Liferay themes make use of this Velocity template engine. A template engine is software that is designed to process web templates (in this case files with a vm extension) to produce output web documents. These web documents are mostly HTML or XML files, but it can also be complete different things like

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