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How to add a breadcrumb navigation to Liferay web pages Today I will be talking about adding a breadcrumb navigation to Liferay web pages. For people that don’t know what this is I suggest reading this Wikipedia article about breadcrumb navigation. I assume that most (Liferay) web developers that land on this page know what a breadcrumb navigation is. Liferay comes with a breadcrumb portlet by default. You could add this portlet manually to all your web pages where you want a breadcrumb navigation, but for bigger (mostly existing) Web sites with many web pages this can be a time-consuming task. Liferay offers a direct solution for this: you can embed portlets within a Liferay theme, which mainly consists of Velocity templates. You simply need to add this ...

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Ogone Certified Partner

Op 28 juni 2010 door Koen Stevens in categorie E-KON

Ogone is een van de voornaamste Europese leveranciers van betalingsdiensten, met duizenden klanten verspreid over meer dan 35 landen. Het bedrijf levert verschillende oplossingen voor het realiseren van elektronische betalingen op diverse gebieden, zoals e-commerce, ticketing, call centers of hotelwezen. Daarbij gaat het evengoed om business-to-consumer oplossingen, als om business-to-business (aankoopkaarten).

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Building portals with Liferay (video)

Op 28 juni 2010 door Koen Stevens in categorie Liferay

Peter De Rudder from Amplexor is speaking about their experiences with the Liferay Portal software. E-KON did multiple Liferay implementations already. Feel free to have a look at some examples in our Liferay portfolio and contact us to help you with all your Liferay related inquiries. ...

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A word about Journal Structures… A Journal Structure is an XML definition of the dynamic parts of Journal Articles. These parts can be text, a text box, a text area (HTML), an image, an Image Gallery item, a Document Library item, a Boolean flag (true or false), a selection list, multiple selection lists or a link to a page (Layout). Actually, the Journal Structure is a specific XML schema. Such a Journal Structure could look like this: If you create a Journal Article based upon this Journal Structure you will be able to: fill in a description in a text area (HTML) choose multiple images in the Image Gallery choose one file in the Document Library A word about Journal Templates… Journal Structures are used to define the data structure of a Journal Article. A Journal Template is actually a Velocity template in which you can use the data defined in the Journal Structure. You can find more about Journal Structures and Journal Templates on

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From the moment you give Liferay a try and start your portal for the very first time you’ll notice something a bit dirty about Liferay URL’s. That’s right: I’m talking about the /web/guest prefix in the frontend. In the early days I was working with Liferay, I just thought that it was some “Java web development hocus pocus thing” that you will just have to accept when doing a Liferay implementation. Keeping the prefix in your URL’s is certainly not a disaster, but for SEO matters clean URL’s are prefered. It’s always a good idea to check the Liferay portal.properties first for properties that might be interesting for your Liferay implementation. You’ll find some properties in portal.properties that seem interesting regarding URL’s in Liferay. Check out these properties: layout.friendly.url.private.group.servlet.mapping=/group layout.friendly.url.private.user.servlet.mapping=/userlayout.friendly.url.public.servlet.mapping=/web Looks great doesn’t it? It looks like we can get rid of the /web/guest very easily! Just fill in an empty string for the layout.friendly.url.public.servlet.mapping property and we should be all done, right? I warn you though: don’t do this! Because you will break your Liferay installation completely and you won't be able to reach your portal anymore....

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