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Building portals with Liferay (video) - Blog - Webdesign E-KON
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Building portals with Liferay (video)

Op 28 juni 2010 door Koen Stevens in categorie Liferay

Peter De Rudder from Amplexor is speaking about their experiences with the Liferay Portal software.

E-KON did multiple Liferay implementations already. Feel free to have a look at some examples in our Liferay portfolio and contact us to help you with all your Liferay related inquiries.


fcSoyZ2UK ()

In the long run I expect the foliwolng to happen : With the current market scenario, there will definably be an increased demand for Open Source products which will intern increase VC's interest the products this will help existing products vendors to enhance their offering and give a health environment for new Open Source products to come up. The COTS vendors will intern be forced to rethink their marketing strategy (I’m sure they would have already started doing that) and come up with new pricing models solutions. One of the alternate that would come from them is providing the hosted solutions for the customer which would again maker there offerings quite competitive for the end users. From a cost perspective, we'll have to wait and watch how much for how long Open Source will have the edge. But either way, the end customer will tend to gain.

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